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Live token a paperless free queue management system & Appointment Booking Solutions

Live token Mobile App by Greenitco is a smart free queue management software through which customers will be given a token number. They can see the status of their token in real-time and wait safely at home or in cars before entering a shop, a mall, a restaurant or a clinic, bank Government offices, temple its a Paperless free queue management system



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Let people see your peak hours and visitor capacity. Customers will make decisions on when to visit, based on concrete service data. Avoid crowded waiting rooms from the first step.

Help your customers practice social distancing, by giving them the means to self check-in remotely. Let customers sign in by a call, online, or by scanning a QR code and then wait from the safety of their homes or cars.

Reduce customer wait time, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Greenitco's enterprise queue management solutions

Touchless and customizable queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by organizations

Why this Live token App?

Download the free queue management system from Play-store & Apple store Complete your registration Provide all the information & start using

  • People safety first be it, customer or staff or citizen

  • You are ready to do Business again

  • Each customer is important, you do not want to lose them to long queues outside your shop

  • Follow all safety norms like social distancing, sanitizing, etc

  • Customer Satisfaction is the most Important

  • Operation timings update

Feature of App

  1. Live Queue Status
  2. My token number
  3. Current token Number
  4. Approx. wait time
  5. Live offers
  6. Precautions are taken by the Storeowner.

In Vendor APP vendor can manage the following:

  1. List of Customers in Queue
  2. Past Customer data
  3. Offer
  4. Manage open and close timing
  5. Booking Allowed /Not allowed
  6. Manage Walk-in customers.




queue management system & appointment booking system

free queue management software & appointment booking system



Live Token App queue management system appointment booking system


queue management system & appointment booking system


Enterprise Virtual queue management system

“This ticketless, single line queuing system is a cost-effective way to manage queues.”

Choose from Enterprise, Basic, or Mobile Queuing systems to manage crowds and queues in your service areas. Our powerful paid and free queue management software creates a seamless customer journey by providing different solutions ranging from Virtual and Linear queuing systems to appointment booking system options and a more sophisticated method like mobile app.

Asset Outsourcing

If you are looking to outsource your complete asset management for better management. We can help you to reduce cost and wastage

Free Queue Management Solution

Complete free Queue Management Solution for all kind of businesses in order to manage the customers smartly. Enable customers to choose their nearest branch, book a token with a simple mobile app, and join the queue when it’s their turn. Appointment booking system allows small businesses to book an appointment and maintain data




Live Token
App For Restaurants & Hotels

Are You Ready to answer customer queries?

Try Live token App, complete the Appointment Booking System for Hotels & Resturants

is the restaurant open?

for how long I have to wait?

Are all safety measures taken?

is there a queue?

is home delivery available?

is dining SAFE?

  blank Covid App from Play store


Appointment Booking System

“This ticketless, single line queuing system is a cost-effective way to manage queues.”

An advanced booking system that allows users and service providers to book appointments on a mobile app for various services. Eg Appointment booking for doctors, saloon, spa etc. Sellers/admin can set many bookings in one day for a different time slot.

Make phone bookings easy and reduce call center wait times

Healthcare call center agents have visibility to all the patient and doctor data in LeadSquared to make appointment setting easy. They can view the patient appointment history and doctors’ availability calendar to make sure that appointments can be booked, canceled or rescheduled easily Sellers/admin can set booking time for each slot. Sellers/admin can set break time between two slots.




Live Token
App For Temples, Society, Public places

Are You Ready to answer devotees' queries?

is the temple open?

for how long I have to wait?

Are all safety measures taken?

is there a queue?


blank Covid App from Play store


blank queue management system & appointment booking system blankLive Toke Customer Appqueue management system & appointment booking system

  • Standard
  • INRFree
    per NA
  • Business Directory
  • Customer App
  • Business App
  • Live Queue Status
  • Advance Booking
  • Aprox Wait time
  • Current Offers
  • Auto Switch Token
  • Live Offer
  • Store Notice
  • Open/Close Timing
  • Keyword Tagging
  • Customer Data Retention
  • Feedback Management
  • View Management
  • Manual Token Switching
  • Free Upgrades
  • WordPress Website Integration
  • API integration
  • Business
  • INR12000
    per 365
  • Everything in Standard
  • Backend Application Access
  • Featured Store Listing
  • Reports Download
  • Multiple Store Mapping
  • Brand Logo with Branches
  • Custom API
  • Mobile App API
  • Separate Staff access
  • Standalone
  • INROn Request
    per 365
  • Multi Department Queue
  • Multi Staff
  • Admin View
  • Screen Counter
  • Printer Integration
  • Self Service Screen
  • Hardware integration
  • Enterprise
  • INROn Request
    per 365
  • All the Feature of
  • Standard
  • Business
  • Standalone
  • On-Premise Installation
  • Public App Integration
  • Token via Touch screen
  • Token via Mobile App
  • Integration with website
  • Integration with third-party Apps
  • Paperless System



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