Mobile helpdesk ticketing system

Mobile helpdesk ticketing system to simplify business operations:

The mobile helpdesk ticketing system offers features in-app, that enable you to manage queries of the ticket and monitor the inbound support tickets from customers or users using the app. Having a mobile help desk software allows you to operate tickets with applications, where users can log support issues easily. Whereas the team can determine the priority of tickets and assign them to specific agents accordingly. Whereas it enables you to utilize custom fields, and forms and update additional information into the ticket all from the mobile help desk software.

If you require some information about the tickets, you can chat & have a conversation with either the customer or your support team. The main aim of mobile help desk software refers to getting quick responses from the support team, which is essential for providing the best service to your customers, anywhere and at any time.

Connect with your customers from anywhere at any time with a mobile helpdesk ticketing system

Don’t let the distance from your onsite office hinder the operations of your business. We have the solution for it to make your office operations available on your mobile phones.  Get the complete solution for customer service to simplify operations working and generate better ROI.  Manage your helpdesk on the go, It enables your team to have access to its features, directly from their favorite device.  ITM offers a great helpdesk software ticketing system to manage your businesses from anywhere.

Some features you can use in mobile ticketing system are:

Ticket Updates

Get on-time ticket updates about the status, comments, edits, and activities. The ticket support agents can view the status of the ticket like which tickets are open and newly added, closed, or InProgress with a few clicks.

Priority Checks

Work modes of the mobile ticketing system prioritize the tickets based on various parameters.  Your tickets are sorted automatically, so you can solve the tickets that are most urgent. Priority checks are performed and set some priority for the support team to choose the top priority tickets easily.

Customer information

The team can view customer information from tickets easily. They just have to login into the system and view the customer details like email, phone, and other interactions details. Manage the details with a few clicks.

Combined view tickets

Ticket presentations offer a detailed view of ticket details. The ticket details are presented to the team to select which tickets they can solve easily, and check the ticket status. This glance view of the tickets gives a better idea of how to complete the tickets allotted to the team.

Quick ticket response

Easily respond to the ticket queries from your mobile. Get the updates and generate faster responses with just a few clicks. Manage your work faster and get that done easily. With the mobile ticketing system, you did miss any response.

Mass Ticket actions

You can apply the same actions to multiple tickets with few clicks.  Just following a few simple steps you can perform some actions on mass tickets easily.

Easy collaborations

To ensure uninterrupted communication with the support team and customers, the Mobile helpdesk offers easy collaborations with customers. Example connect with commenting, tagging, chatbots, messaging on tickets clearances. The team can converse easily using the easy collaborations and connect with the team.

Mobile Management

The mobile helpdesk ticketing system works for android and iPhone operating systems.  The notification alerts, updating the status of tickets, creating new tickets, updating tasks, filtering the tickets through various parameters, and more. All you need to download applications from your android and iPhone.

Get the insights on your Radar

Designed for ticket support agents, the app offers vital customer service stats at a glance, including Live Traffic, Ticket Traffic, ticket status, and Customer Happiness Ratings. It brings variances to your notice instantly and helps identify blockages even before they arise.

Mobile Helpdesk system for your business is in your pocket now.

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

Deliver support to your customers anytime, anywhere

  • Create, edit , update, assign and resolve tickets on the go
  • Priority checks, filter tickets easily with a mobile application.
  • Record the time spent on the system and get updated on the work logs
  • Check which team members are available online
  • Create a customizable view and apply priority checks
  • Conversation with the customer support agent and the customers.
  • Get on-time alerts and updates for the tickets activities.

Make it easy for the customers and service agents to handle the tickets creation and resolution efficiently.  Easy workspace environment for the team members to give their best and out-of-the-box work in the comfort of their own space. ITM offers a quick setup for a mobile helpdesk ticketing system that is a suitable platform.  It helps the team to work and customers to get their queries resolved quickly. Deploying an efficient technology that matches the purpose of your business is the best thing you can do for your business.


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